Guardian From The OC Series Sorry There is no picture for this..unless if I figure it out.

To get started,you can type in Appearance


He Is Guardian For The OC Series His Name Is White He Has Some black On his hands And Legs Not Fully But He's Wearing Black Boots, The half Of The Boots Will Be White

Example:He has Guardian's Hat, A Black And White Scarf. == Behavior == if Has HATE All Over His Body, He is not able to control his body, which Makes the HATE Take over the body, THis Makes The Body Kill Any Person It Sees.


The Only Way To Help Him Remove His Hate (But not the ones that are perm-Sticked To His Body) Is Friendship.

It Does Look For Players If Its Friends They Will Be Passed Out ANd Found Somewhere Random

Example: The Tubby Will Try To Kill THem But The Tubby Will Try To Get Them, If He Is Friendly He Will Appear As His Alter Form, Pocket James, Someone With A Rainbow Jacket And Red Pants And A Blue Shirt.

How to make a Teletubbie sprite.

1.Teletubbie sprite.

The fastest and easiest way of making a sprite,is by using MC paint.When you download the picture of white tubby(In the infobox above),you want to right click on it,and then hover over the button "open with".There you click MC paint,or just paint.

Capture OC

Once in there,you will get this image.You can't do anything like this,so you want to zoom in.Use the scale in the bottom right corner.It will be much easier to make sprite now.Now you want to choose the colors you want,add antenna to your OC(if you want him/she to have one).Optimally,you can add weapons and hats.

2.Infected Teletubbie sprite.

Capture OC 1

He Has Full Hate On His Arm, His Eyes Are Red And HATE Slowly Takes Over Him, However This Doesn't Affect The Body, If The Body Glitches It Is Slowly Glitching To Chara.


Does your oc has interesting facts or plans that were failed or was a reference to something?


  • He/She/It is a Reference to the White Tubbie? A: Yes
  • He/She/It was once going to be a yellow teletubby but was scrapped. A: No
  • He/She/It is the only character who does not have antenna. A: Nope

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Here is where you can add pictures of your oc.

Type this in source mode.

 Blue Slendytubbie.png|EXAMPLE!!"

then it will end up look like this from source mode

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