1) Do not bully, harrass, spam, troll or vandalize.

2) You can edit pages of other users only to correct grammatical errors (further level fixing/helping requires owner permission).

3) If you want to criticize this wiki or anything related to it do it on the wiki itself. Every criticism about this wiki that is gonna be made on another wiki or another website isn’t gonna be considered. Give also constructive criticism and don’t be rude.

4) No drama.

5) The only accepted language here is English.

6) Once your page gets moved to the other wiki, it will be deleted from here.

7) Roleplays are allowed but they can be put only on message walls or on discussions (however, small roleplay actions are allowed in the comments).

8) Do not upload any NSFW image or video on the wiki.

9) NSFW roleplays are allowed but there must be a warning that they are NSFW.

10) Create pages only related to Slendytubbies.

11) Do not use mutliple accounts to avoid blocks.

12) Do not create new categories without the permission of an admin.

13) No April Fools pranks.

14) If you get blocked for an infinite amount of time all your pages will be deleted.

15) No joke OCs.

16) Do not make too OP characters (example: no god characters).

17) If you get blocked on this wiki, you will get blocked on the other as well.

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